Monday, February 20, 2012

And 2 Dobsons become 3!

The Wednesday before Christmas I decided it was time to see if what I was thinking in my head could be true!

While Dennis was in the shower, I got up and took a test in the guest bathroom...before I knew it that little word, PREGNANT, popped up! I slowly walked back to our room and slid the test in through the shower curtain. Dennis went crazy, only to open the curtain and see a terrified me! HAHA!! The test was expired, so on the way to work I picked up a fresh box, and proceeded to take all of surprise, but the results were all the same! Yep...I was that crazy girl!
With Christmas just around the corner, I knew I couldn't wait to tell the fam! A quick search on ETSY and Pinterest resulted in the best way I knew to share the news! Who doesn't like a beer to cheers good news to?!?

Stay tuned for what is sure to be an exciting several months to come!!
Love Lindsay and Dennis

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Birthdays Galore to Celebrate

The Reels and Dobsons finally got all together to celebrate our fall birthdays...Annie, Dennis, and Sarah!! On top of the birthdays we had just learned the great news about Dennis' promotion!

We enjoyed a fun dinner at Georges, complete with Big O's! To top off the evening we got to watch the Aggies knock off No. 8 OU! WHOOP!

Handsome 'lil Devil!

Happy Birthday to our favorite Halloween baby, Cooper!


Minneapolis = In October = Freezing = Not for me!

The last week of October, I went up to MN for a conference...the week consisted of 30 degree temperatures, with rain, snow flurries and 50 mph winds! Now for a girl in Parks and Rec, who rarely has to dress up...walking around, outside in dress clothes and heels wasn't the best!

Luckily, they have these great skyways from building to building, so once we started to master those, it made things much easier!

The conference was great! I love to see 7000 fellow parks and recreation employees all together! I met a lot of new people, many from other areas of Texas, and some from other parts of the country.

Luckily, we went when we did, as they got 12 inches of snow this weekend!

PS - Sorry for the lack of photos, like I said, the weather wasn't exactly ideal for sightseeing!

Good 'ol Texas Wedding

In October, we got the whole gang back together to celebrate the marriage of Marty and Ben! It was a gorgeous wedding outside of Austin at the Salt Lick, full of dancing, BBQ, drinks and laughs with great friends!

The after party moved to one of the newlyweds favorite little dives!

It'd been to long since we'd all been together...hopefully we can gather the troops again before another couple of years pass!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

We See You!

So I may not love Halloween...Yep I was the kid (and adult for that matter) who hated costumes, masks, anything scary! But I can never pass up a cute craft, so I made these great pumpkins for the childcare room at work!

All ya need....
A cute little pumpkin
Black Spray Paint
Gold Glitter Spray Paint
Craft Glue
Googly Eyes (102 to be exact on each pumpkin!)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sweet Home College Station!

Labor Day weekend was also the kickoff of football season for our dear Aggies! Marka and Steven were celebrating they're 5 year reunion, so Dennis and I tagged along for the great hotel rates and cheap game tickets! We kicked things off with a long lunch at Wings 'n More, YUM!

The game was great...we started 2010 off with a huge W.I.N.! Though the hike to the 3rd deck was awful...clearly I'd banished those memories...the seats on the alumni side were great...we got to sit in the shade! Two keys words being SIT and SHADE! Being the old Ags we are, we headed back to the hotel on the early side! Got up Sunday and enjoyed breakfast with the Dredla's and then stopped by the Alumni Center to see the new ring!